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he successful selling on the internet starts with choosing the right product, in particular finding and sourcing the best purchasing addresses. In the years that we ourselves are active in buying and selling over the Internet, we built a huge directory with the best buying addresses.

There are many dubious sellers providing worthless and bad addresses and selling tips. These so called e-books that were made years ago with little effort, offering standard wholesale addresses in a directory or trading platforms that you can get anywhere. These addresses are never updated and come from all over the world. Internet addresses that no longer work and bad addresses from abroad. Our tip: forget these, these offers are only good for the seller, not you

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We are talking about addresses that few know about and that we have collected over the years. Believe me, it is not just a matter of searching on Google or zentrada and you obtain these addresses, you will be convinced, some of your (future) competitors will not be happy we are publishing these addresses as they want to keep tem for themselves.

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